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What if?...Two simple words that drive Loni Lynne to write Paranormal/Fantasy Romance and
Fiction. Whether watching a news article on TV, reading a book on historical places or taking a
simple ghost tour through her town…”What if?” has always been in the forefront of her mind.

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An exciting twist on paranormal romance! Loni Lynne has truly created an individual and captivating story with "One Ghost." Most people identify the genre with vampire and werewolf novels, but Lynne elevates it to something truly paranormal. With lovable, relatable characters and a challenging antagonist, you will be caught up in the world she has created. Not often do I read a book that moves me and inspires me. After "One Ghost," you'll want to believe in fate too!


I loved this story, Loni Lynne gets an "A+" for originality, suspense, love story, and twists. I took a while reading because like Hope Ramsay's "Inn at Last Chance" I did not want the story to end. Loved the characters and the plot.