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Loni Lynne

Coming Soon - New Re-release of Wanted One Ghost

Eleven years after Wanted One Ghost was originally published through Crescent Moon Press, I am re-releasing my first novel with new internal and external updates.

I was so blessed to have the wonderful Merry Bond update my formatting this past year, and back in 2020, Donna Gambel created a beautiful, detailed cover, right down to my chatelaine in April's hand.

You can see this on the front cover on all editions of the book/ebook. What you can't see on the ebook site is the great photo work, my cover artist Jenji managed to create on the back cover (see below right).

With all that...the story is still the same wonderful characters with only minor changes, and a fresh set of editing eyes by Anjali Banerji who did any amazing job.

Check out the ebook out now with the paperback and hardback to be released on June 7, 2024 on Amazon.

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An exciting twist on paranormal romance! Loni Lynne has truly created an individual and captivating story with "One Ghost." Most people identify the genre with vampire and werewolf novels, but Lynne elevates it to something truly paranormal. With lovable, relatable characters and a challenging antagonist, you will be caught up in the world she has created. Not often do I read a book that moves me and inspires me. After "One Ghost," you'll want to believe in fate too!


I loved this story, Loni Lynne gets an "A+" for originality, suspense, love story, and twists. I took a while reading because like Hope Ramsay's "Inn at Last Chance" I did not want the story to end. Loved the characters and the plot.


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