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Crossroads of Kings Mill Series

Crossroads of Kings Mill New Covers.jpeg

Welcome to Kings Mill, Maryland...

Where the spirits of History come to life.

Wanted One Ghost
WantedOneGhost New Cover.jpeg

stuck in ghostly limbo for 238 years, James addison can't move on to the afterlife. Since being accused of treason and executed, fate's cursed him to remain an earth-bound specter until he meets a historian sent to research his past.

Dr. april branford wants to be taken seriously as a historian, but her unique ability to divine history with just a touch seriously compromises her credibility. When her gift causes her to bring to life the 238 year old ghost she's gone to research she's stuck with helping to find out the reason behind his demise and hopes to make a name for herself.

Neither one intended for fate to have them fall in love and will their love remain or is james destined to move on once his mysterious past is righted.

They won't know until they believe in fate.

Distilled Spirts New Cover.jpeg
Distilled Spirits

Kings Mill, Maryland’s 200 year old, Old Town Tavern and Inn is in danger of being destroyed to

make room for urban renewal. Residential tavern ghost, Millie Taylor is not about to take the news

lying down. If anyone destroys her only home and sense of security, it will be over her dead body!

Former vice cop Sean Lightfoot’s construction company is hired to renovate the tavern in hopes of

keeping it from destruction. When Sean digs up the tavern springhouse, he resurrects the ghost of

Millie Taylor. Now he has his business to run, a tavern to renovate and a sassy, brash tavern wench

who is eager to be an independent modern Millie.

Millie and Sean fight an attraction crossing the span of time as they try to bring to life the old

building. But could the renovation of the tavern end up leaving Millie to be lost forever?

UnsettledGraves New Cover.jpeg
Unsettled Graves

What does a metaphysics geek who sees ghosts and a high school all-star quarterback have in common? Absolutely nothing. Competing for the same history scholarship pits Tonya meade and camden phillips against one another.

But when tonya accidentally brings to life a civil war Soldier off the battlefields of gettysburg the two have to work together to set history to right before their ghostly friend can return and be at peace.

Will they find a common bond to share or will they end up unsettling more than graves.

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