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Loni's Loves

An author is never alone in her world and many people and places help to guide them. Here are the people and places that I love to share with my readers :

Red Wine

The Loves

Even    Authors    Love    to    Read!

Where do authors go to have a good time? To other authors! Here are some of my favorites...and I hope you enjoy them, too! Click on their name to lead you to their books.

Author of Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy with a Supernatural Twist

Telling one Paranormal story after another about Young Adults/New Adults getting along in their own crazy, fantastical worlds. One-half of the brain is an avid reader of all things Paranormal, while the other half devours Fantasy for midnight snacks. Together, Kira’s stories are one part Paranormal, one part Fantasy, and two parts Supernatural.

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