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What if?...Two simple words that drive Loni Lynne to write Paranormal/Fantasy Romance and Fiction. Whether watching a news article on TV, reading a book on historical places or taking a
simple ghost tour through her town…”What if?” has always been in the forefront of her mind.

I’m Loni Lynne and that’s my story!


"What if?” is the catalyst to get me to thinking the impossible.

“Believing in Fate” is what drove my characters from my very first published book, “Wanted: One Ghost”.

Having been born in Northern Michigan (the Mitten for those who know, not the UP--yes, I’m proud to be a troll from under the bridge) and yet raised all over the Midwestern United States from Michigan to Texas and various states in between, I was exposed to the cultures and
uniqueness that makes up our country. My love for reading everything from Sherlock Holmes and Poe to the Encyclopedias and Time-Life books my parents had around the house and the different places I had been, intrigued my knowledge and that voice…”What if?”

My time after high school in the United States Navy, for a few years, brought about my motto, “Believe in Fate”. It sure wasn’t anything set in stone that led me to where I ended up either in the Navy or after, so it had to be ‘fate’.

So Fate led me to the Army soldier from Annapolis, Maryland that I’ve been married to for 30 plus years.

Fate led me to having two beautiful, talented daughters who’ve grown into wonderful women.

Fate led me to ending up in northern Maryland for the past 28 years and finally writing “Wanted: One Ghost”, well that and a husband who got tired of seeing yellow legal pads of unfinished stories around the house and told me to go for it, but you get the picture.

Now with two series under my name, Crossroads of Kings Mill and Guardians of Dacia, I hope you follow me and my characters as we let Fate guide us into the unknown and new stories. I
look forward to hearing from you.

Believe In Fate,
Loni Lynne


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