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Just Sitting Here Thinking...

It's been a struggle getting back up and running. Working an 8 hour a day, regular job (in front of a computer), and then to go home and try to find the energy to sit for more hours to write...well, not easy. But at least the writing part is my passion and I can create.

So for those who followed me for the past nine years, thank you for your patience as I get my $#!+ together. For those just seeking out a paranormal romance author with a vivid imagination...welcome to wonder and a bit of chaos. Don't worry, it's all good! :)

Take a spin around my new site created by the wonderful, talented Ms. Savannah McCann and when you are finished, make sure to follow me. I will have so many new things coming soon--I'm reformatting my original book, Wanted: One Ghost, all new covers for it and my Crossroads of Kings Mill series. Also, later this summer, be prepared for Immortal Moonlight, the fifth book in the Guardians of Dacia series.

All the best to everyone and hope life is treating you kind. Remember to keep 'Believing in Fate', it has the strangest way of leading us where we actually need to be.


Loni Lynne

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